Warrior Corps

The Texas A&M University-Central Texas Transfer Program

The Warrior Corps program promotes a college going culture within the Central Texas community and encourages you, as potential students, to take advantage of the quality and affordable educational opportunities available in the area. A part of the Warrior Corps program includes transfer agreements between Texas A&M University–Central Texas and area community colleges. The Warrior Corps program allows you to lock in degree plans for A&M–Central Texas once you have been admitted to a partnering community college. Working with both community college advisors and our advisors assures you of a seamless transition into A&M-Central Texas, while still being able to give you the personal attention in planning your educational pathway. This prevents you from taking courses that will not transfer, which is particularly important financially, as you will use less funds, tuition assistance, and enrollment in courses that will not assist you in completing your degree.

Because A&M–Central Texas is in this unique position of partnering with the community college as a continuation of your college experience by providing upper-level coursework, our partnership allows you to attend the community college for the lower level (freshman and sophomore) coursework and afterward transition into A&M–Central Texas to complete the remaining requirements for a Bachelor’s degree. A&M–Central Texas currently offers 24 bachelor degrees from which to choose, and a Warrior Corps agreement may be established for any of these programs. Another benefit of the Warrior Corps program is the opportunity to qualify for the Warrior Corps Merit Scholarship, a scholarship available only to students who are part of the Warrior Corps transfer programs. For those students who receive this scholarship it could cover up to sixty credits of tuition and fees at A&M-Central Texas.

To enroll in the Warrior Corps program or for more information please visit Recruitment & Undergraduate Admissions or email: