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  • Department: Computer Information Systems
  • Assistant Professor
  • Room: FH-323I

Dr. Abhijit Kumar Nag Nag is an assistant professor in Computer Information Systems department at Texas A&M University-Central Texas since 2017. He obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Memphis. Previously he received his master’s in Computer Engineering from the University of Memphis. His primary research interest includes various authentication approaches, mainly continuous authentication and multi-factor authentication systems. His other research interests include evolutionary algorithms, internet of things, cloud computing, bio-inspired/nature-inspired computing, and big data. He is an inventor of a utility patent on Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication system. He is a co-author of a graduate-level textbook- Advances in User Authentication. Dr. Nag serves as a reviewer for many reputable peer-reviewed journals and conferences. Dr. Nag provided a tutorial talk on Computational Intelligence in User Identity Management in IEEE SSCI conference in 2017. He recently received a TEES grant as a lead PI for the project titled "Powering up: Cybersecurity Education for a Dispersed Workforce."
Areas of professional expertise: Cybersecurity, big data, high-performance computing, evolutionary computation, optimization, online education.
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