What 'defunding' police departments could actually do, experts weigh in

The Texas Center for Nursing Workforce Studies projects the state of Texas will see a shortage of almost 60,000 full-time registered nurses by the year 2030. Wednesday, Jun 10, 2020

CENTRAL TEXAS — Many across the nation are calling for change in the form of defunding police departments.

To understand what defunding a department could mean, 25 News sought advice from local criminal justice expert, Tammy Bracewell Ph.D.

“The central idea behind it is not all bad - the central idea behind it is to move some of those social services the police were never meant to respond to anyway, “ said Bracewell.

As a master peace officer with decades of experience, Bracewell now acts as a professor at Texas A&M Central Texas.

“We have shortages of police officers across the country, we simply just don’t have enough officers to respond to what they need to,“ explained Bracewell.


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